Our origins

WBM Staalservice was founded in 1968 by Mr Willemsen and, after more than 50 years, is still owned by the Willemsen family.

During these 50 years, WBM Staalservice has always been involved in cutting and setting steel plates. Traditionally, WBM is known for its craftsmanship when it comes to cutting and setting complex shapes up to 6 metres, material thicker than 4 mm and high-strength steel.


We’re glad you found this page!

If you want to work in technology, there are many jobs..
But we like it when you come and work with us in Stramproy at WBM!

Why? 3 reasons in a row:

Are you 20+ and do you want to learn everything about steel?

There is always work for people with a passion/drive for technology!
For questions, please contact Marianne Mosselman: m.mosselman@wbm.eu

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