"Cutting with extreme precision on our 2D laser cutters or fiber laser."

"Cutting with extreme precision on our 2D laser cutters or fiber laser."

Plasma cutting and drilling


Drilling unit
Maximum thickness to be drilled: 50 mm
Drill diameter: 5-40mm
Tapping thread: M6-M30

Plasma cutting unit
minimum thickness: 3 mm
maximum thickness: 50 mm

Plasma 3D bevel cutting unit (bevels)
Material thickness: 6-40mm
Bevel angle: 50 degrees

We can cut X, Y and V seams

WBM has

Plasma cutter
Maximum dimensions to be processed plate 2500 mm x 14000 mm.

Plasma cutting is a fusion cutting technique. When the gas finally comes into contact with electricity via the torch, it is converted into plasma. The temperature in plasma cutting can be high, up to 25,000 degrees!

Drilling unit
The plasma cutting machine is equipped with a drilling unit, suitable for carbide drilling, tapping, countersinking and centre point marking.

Tool changing
Thanks to the ten-fold automatic tool changer, up to ten tools can be loaded and changed automatically without manual intervention.

Improved accuracy

In addition, the plasma cutter has several features that significantly improve accuracy, such as the motor-driven holder used for movement along the gantry bridge. The rail is equipped with an angled rack and pinion gear, which reduces backlash and ensures smoother and more dynamic movement.

Hole cutting
This new machine also uses True Hole technology. This ensures that holes are cut with high quality, almost cylindrical.

Technical specifications

Maximum sheet dimensions to be processed 2500 mm by 14000 mm. For more specifications on the plasma cutting unit, plasma 3D bevel cutting unit and the drilling unit, visit our machine page.

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