"Cutting with extreme precision on our 2D laser cutters or fibre laser."

"Cutting with extreme precision on our 2D laser cutters or fibre laser."

2D laser cutting


Fiber laser
3000 x 1500mm, thickness 25mm

CNC laser cutting machines
6000 x 2000 mm, thickness 25 mm, thickness 15 mm (stainless steel)

Transit width: 1000 mm
Maximum length: 6 meters
Maximum thickness of the sheet material: 20 mm

WBM has

1 fiber laser 8000w
2 CNC laser cutting machine 6000W
+ HD nitrogen cutting
Or look here at plasma cutting

Laser cutting is a thermal separation method for cutting sheet material. The laser beam is powerful and the bundled laser light causes the material under that beam to melt. It is possible to cut a variety of complex shapes from different types of material. Because the beam in laser cutting is bundled, there is little material loss on the cut.

Sheet metal or semi-finished products can be 2D laser-cut in various ways at WBM. The most suitable technique depends on the material type and thickness. We have CO₂ laser cutting machines and a fibre laser, on which cuts can be made using oxygen or nitrogen.

CO₂ laser cutting

These machines have an electrically driven gas laser. The discharge tube contains a mixture of different gases, which create the infrared light. The beam from this laser is bundled into the cutting head by an ingenious interplay of mirrors and other optical systems. Material type, finish and thickness of the sheet determine the size of the diameter of this laser beam.

What can we do?
Our laser cutting machines effortlessly cut material up to a thickness of 25 mm with precision. For stainless steel, the maximum is 15 mm. Some advantages of laser cutting with these machines are the previously mentioned low material loss. Furthermore, cutting out the shapes is contactless and the repeat accuracy is very high. In terms of size, we can machine up to 6000 x 2000 mm on our machines. We will be happy to advise you on what is the best option for you!

Fibre laser cutting

Laser cutting on our fibre laser is done using a longer, thinner fibre.

Fibre lasers are smaller than CO₂ lasers and extract more power from the same amount of current. Fibre laser cutting is therefore a very efficient machining technique. A fibre laser is suitable for machining steel sheet with a maximum thickness of 25 mm. On our machine, we can machine workpieces of 3000 x 1500 mm and up to 1100 kg each. In addition, the machine has a plate changing system, ideal for repetitive work!

Oxygen-laser cutting and nitrogen-laser cutting

Cutting with oxygen or nitrogen is also possible. When using oxygen, the cutting speed is higher. For nitrogen, when cutting sheet material, the cutting surface is cleaner than with the aforementioned processing techniques.

The choice of technique depends entirely on the requirements and the type of material to be cut.

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