WBM cooperated in a completely new bus station in Leeuwarden

It was a major project, the redevelopment of the station area of Leeuwarden. Part of this was the new bus station, which had to be more organized and more flexible due to a new layout. WBM supplied the structures for the platform layout and travel information for the bus station.

The new bus station is designed as a fishbone model, with eye-catching steel constructions on which travelers can see at a glance when their bus leaves. WBM supplied the cutting and setting work for this building, which required parts of a few meters high. Easy for WBM, we have the knowledge and materials to put and cut up to six meters. The final product was created in collaboration with Mavitec from Heerhugowaard.

Do you want to know more about the possibilities for steel up to six meters or processing thick steel? Check our website for our services!

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